Diesel Won’t Start after Fuel Filter Drain

chito Diesel, Fuel, Repair

So today I started draining my fuel/water separator – this is something that needs to be done a couple times a week. Drain it in a clear container and check for water. If you don’t drain it, the filter can fill up with water and your truck will fail to start. I’m only supposed to drain about two tablespoons and then check for water. In my case I drained several tablespoons and the truck stalled. I tried to prime the pump and it wouldn’t start. So I ran to the gas station and got some diesel. Then poured the diesel into a empty one-gallon jerrycan. Then I poured the diesel into the top of the filter and turned the ignition switch. Truck would roll over but not start. I poured a little more fuel until it reached all the way to the top. Waited ten minutes then tried again. This time I pumped the accelerator and that did the trick.

If I had been checking my fuel for water and carrying a spare fuel filter with me, I might have been able to make the repair myself and save a few thousand dollars when I broke down in NYC last summer.