Ch 1 – Coronado

Chito was excited to check out the stunning California coastline, so he left his rental car at the North Island Naval Base in Coronado. He had just finished a rejuvenating run down the beach when he decided to take a break and check out Facebook, the online community where instantaneous connections could be made. Chito, being a part of the AMBW group, found the profiles of Black women to be fascinating. Many came and went throughout the years, but he never settled down with any of them.

As he went through the several profiles, one particular photo caught his eye. It was Danielle, a lovely lady with an infectious grin. Chito, intrigued, decided to send her a private message on Messenger. He got into his car, satisfied with his efforts, and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning, Chito awoke to the gentle rays of sunlight streaming into the automobile through the open windows. After rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching his arms, he picked up his phone and saw a message alert from Messenger. He was intrigued to see if Danielle had replied to his message, so he opened his phone. He chuckled to himself at the unexpected development.

Chito: Hello, it’s Danielle. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Danielle: Hello, Chito! Thanks to your message, today looks like it will be a pleasant one. Hi, how have you been?

Chito: I’m fine, thanks for asking. I’m in San Diego for fun and relaxation only. Absolutely beautiful beach. And what about you?

Danielle: California’s beautiful weather is always on my bucket list. It’s like being in paradise. I’m a graduate student in art history at Florida State University in Tallahassee. However, I do value artistic expression in all its forms. How have you found the Golden State?

Chito: What an amazing accomplishment! Listening to a lecture on art history would be a treat. Taking an interest in the arts seems like it would be very rewarding. So far, my time in California has been fantastic. The stunning natural beauty and rich culture have made an indelible mark on me.

Danielle: What a wonderful piece of news, Chito. It’s always invigorating to go on an adventure and experience something new. Like you, I’ve been wondering what it’s like to be in your shoes. Your reason for visiting San Diego is?

Chito: You see, I’m actually a student here. Even though I’ve been putting in a lot of study time, I couldn’t let this opportunity to study and relax on the beach pass me by. It’s been a nice change of pace from city living.

Danielle: That is the ideal combination of productive activity and restful downtime. Finding that middle ground is crucial. In terms of my professional life, I enjoy learning about the background of famous works of art and sharing what I’ve discovered with others. It’s fascinating to learn the true stories behind the myths and legends and how they shaped our culture. I was wondering whether you had any special hobbies or pursuits.

Chito: In a word, yes, Danielle. I applaud your commitment to the study of this topic. Personally, I’m quite curious about computer science and other technological fields. I get a lot of satisfaction out of using code to figure out issues and provide workable solutions. In fact, later this week I will be taking an exam in Python programming here.

Danielle: Excellent work, Chito! Technology is a potent instrument, and programming gives you the ability to mold the future in your image. It’s fantastic to discover surprising points of connection between our passions.

Chito: Indeed, Danielle, it is. No matter how unlikely, I think these associations can help bring individuals closer together and reveal hidden opportunities. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and our mutual passions.

Danielle: Similarly, Chito.

It’s amazing how fate can throw us together with total strangers and make us develop lasting friendships.

I look forward to hearing from you again and exploring the amazing world of computing and programming with your help.

During their conversation, Chito and Danielle easily found that they had a lot in common with one another.

They grew close because they shared a passion for education and realized they had a lot to teach one another.

They couldn’t have known at the time that this fortuitous encounter would bring together their separate passions and set the stage for a remarkable new chapter in each of their stories.

When Chito’s stay in San Diego was done, he boarded a Frontier flight to Denver, Colorado, the first stop on his way to the nation’s capital. He sat down and reflected on the frenetic events that had transpired during his stay in California.

Danielle was always on his mind, and he was excited for their future together.

Chito passed some time at the USO lounge at Denver International Airport, which caters to service members and their families, during a layover there.

As soon as he walked through the door, he felt safe and welcome.

He found a quiet corner, pulled out his phone, and began talking to Danielle with obvious excitement.

Hello, Danielle! / Hola, Chito!

I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way to D.C. I’m in the USO in Denver for a while during my layover.

Give me the lowdown about your day.

Danielle: Super. Knowing you’re safely on your way home makes me very glad. My day has been quite good so far. I’ve been reading and researching for my art history courses. How was your flight?

Chito: We haven’t had any problems with the flight so far. I’m glad to have a few days to rest and reflect on my amazing experiences in the San Diego area. To meet someone like you on this trip is unreal to me. I have really strong feelings towards you, Danielle.

Danielle: I feel the same way about you, Chito. It’s rare to find someone who shares your passions and interests. To have found you is a boon.

How did you find the Python programming language?

Chito: Thanks for asking, Danielle.

The exam went well, and I felt confident in my answers.

Simply said, I am happy it is ended.

I value your support and encouragement very much.

It means a lot to me.

Danielle: What a wonderful piece of news, Chito. Your perseverance and effort have been fruitful. Be pleased with your accomplishments. Seeing your determination to succeed has been motivational. What are you anticipating the most upon your return to the nation’s capital?

Chito: Other than my own bed, of course. (Laughs) I look forward to talking to you more and learning more about you. I can’t wait to talk about the subtleties of art and code with you and learn more about our mutual passions. And naturally, I want to meet you in person eventually finally.

Danielle: That’s correct, Chito. I feel the same way. Our discussions have been insightful and full of heartfelt connections. I’m looking forward to finally seeing you in person and continue this journey with you. Let’s keep working to strengthen our bond and see where it leads.

As Chito spoke with Danielle in the Denver USO, he was filled with happiness and anticipation. He felt renewed hope and companionship because of their chance of meeting. He boarded the plane with a grin on his face, thankful that he’d finally connected with someone who not only matched his hobbies but also seemed genuinely interested in chatting to him.

Chito had no idea that his flight return to the nation’s capital would usher in a new era of exploration, possibility, and romantic interest. As the jet took off, he thought about what he was looking forward to at his destination, secure in the knowledge that he had discovered someone who had ignited a flame within him that would burn brilliantly for the next several weeks.

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